OCEANE Beauty White Pearl Regenerating Night Cream with 100% Marine Stem Cells & Pearl Powder

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OCEANE Beauty White Pearl Regenerating Night Cream with 100% Marine Stem Cells & Pearl Powder

OCEANE Beauty White Pearl Regenerating Night Cream with 100% Marine Stem Cells & Pearl Powder

  • WHITE PEARL INFUSED – Our OCEANE Beauty White Pearl Regenerating Night Cream is formulated with a fine white pearl powder rich in antioxidants that has been used with skin care products for many centuries. Pearl powder helps stimulate the regeneration of collagen, improving the quality of your skin. This pearl powder infused night cream contains many ingredients that make your skin extra healthy.
  • EXTRA MOISTURIZING – This moisturizing cream is an ultra-hydrating formula that sinks deep into the skin while replenishing it. This quality regenerating cream contains rich botanicals, skin-conditioning vitamins, and proteins to revitalize and regenerate your skin while you sleep. Add this hydrating cream to your nightly routine to show lasting results that leave your skin glowing.
  • LUXURIOUS PRODUCT – OCEANE products combine top quality ingredients to create a luxurious experience for you and your skin. The white pearl cream for night is designed for delicate skin, making it safe and effective for all skin types. Not only are pearls a great symbol of luxury, they have been proven to be effective in skin care products. This OCEANE product gives your face the luxurious care it deserves.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – All OCEANE products are covered under a satisfaction guaranteed program. This includes both a return and exchange policy. If you are not 100% satisfied you can get a full refund. Any new, unused products can be exchanged or returned for a full refund. We’re confident you’ll see results in 30 days.
  • PROVEN INGREDIENT BLEND – OCEANE Beauty White Pearl Regenerating Night Cream contains a blend of mineral-rich pearl powder, marine plant stem cells, and multi-vitamins that work together to rejuvenate and protect your skin. These ingredients also help remove grime and get to the base of the skin to exfoliate and rejuvenate. This OCEANE cream also helps keep your skin looking younger longer. Highly luxurious, this night cream absorbs quickly, leaving your skin smooth, supple, hydrated, and refres

OCEANE products contain rich botanicals and natural vitamins that heal your skin and act as an anti-aging blend that is proven to deliver quality results. The technology of the marine plant stem cell is a revolutionary scientific method for battling visible signs of premature aging such as fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin firmness, texture, and elasticity. This hydrating night moisturizer is easy to apply and the regenerating results continue to happen throughout the night. As you sleep, our regenerating night cream sinks deep into your pores, giving you a revitalized, energized, and refreshed appearance in the morning. When applied to a clean face and neck nightly, your skin will yield glowing results. This cream is appropriate for daily use and is best when paired with the OCEANE Beauty White Pearl Moisturizing Cream. Take this cream with you on the go so to maintain your nightly beauty routine. Regular use of this cream will leave you feeling confident, with a noticeable natural glow. In fact, this natural, pearl infused product tremendously improves the penetration of the age-defying ingredients in our products, giving you the results you have been waiting for. The essential ingredient of extra-fine white pearl powder will change the way you care for your skin. All of the OCEANE products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to give you glowing, healthy, smooth skin within 30 days or a full refund will be applied. You’ll love using this PM moisturizing cream which works hard overnight to give you the beautiful and youthful skin you deserve. The secrets of the best – past and present – skin care remedies lie within our OCEANE products. Introduce your skin to the luxurious, moisturizing results of our White Pearl Regenerating Night Cream.

List Price: $ 83.95

Price: $ 83.95

Hydas 3 Piece Body Creamer Skin Care Set, White/Yellow

Hydas 3 Piece Body Creamer Skin Care Set, White/Yellow

  • Remove the Body Creamer head and replace with sponge for washing or sisal attachment for exfoliation; 3 Piece set
  • Perfect multi purpose shower appliance for total skin care – exfoliation, washing and moisturizing
  • Use with 18 inch handle or remove from handle for a dual-purpose intensive experience that combines moisturizing and massage
  • Dishwasher safe, applicator balls pop out for complete cleaning; Made in Europe

The original body creamer lotion applicator combines moisturizing and massage. the removable handle allows you to lotion and massage even your back without help. Just open and fill with your choice of cream, lotion, shower gel, even sunblock and it evenly distributes as it massages. The two piece handle allows you to take on trips easily.

List Price: $ 19.95

Price: $ 28.15

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